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Welcome for visit our website, we would try to offer you the most advanced international advertising and display solutions.

We produce LED advertising light boxes, LED luminous light panels,LED battens,led letter.Over 90% are sold to more than 100 overseas countries and regions. The led signs were widely used in the bank, security system, exhibition hall, transportation system (high speed rail, subway, airport and subway, etc.), hospitals and parking lots and stadiums and so on…

LED light panel

Single/ Double luminous
3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm /8mm
Equally brightness

LED Fabric light box

Edge-lit / Back-lit
Single / Double side lighting
Frame-less,ultra thin

Crystal slim light box

Indoor decoration / Outdoor advertising
Single / double sided luminous
Flip open/ Suck open /Film insert/ Frame-less

Our clients include universities, universities, libraries, government offices, Real Estate Company, beauty services, hairdressing centers, retail stores, builders, architects and designers at home and abroad. Guangzhou SaiJun company limited specializes in indoor outdoor LED advertise slim light box, LED letter, LED acrylic light panel, library display posters frame, flip open light box displayed in retail shop window and hanging crystal light box, dining slim light box, display light panel, wall display advertisement logo, customer Customized advertising logo and custom-made acrylic light guide plate.